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Quinn was the beloved dog of two of our founding partners.  We named the firm in her honor and our corporate logo is a drawing of her swirly tail. While our focus is on adding value to innovative risk management solutions by bringing to bear our extensive insurance expertise, wherever possible, we try to unite that expertise with our love for animals.

Quinn Capital (QC) was created with the express goal of pulling together a group of insurance industry veterans who have had professional and financial success in their careers and want to use their expertise to fund and support new enterprises in the insurance and service contract industry.  There are plenty of firms with capital ready to support any and all industries and new market opportunities.  Some of them have specific industry experience that attracts them to certain segments.  Quinn Capital is more than just a funding source for new opportunities in the space with board level governance.  We are much more active in our investments and look for opportunities where our collective experience and expertise will be critical to the initial and on-going success of the company.  Our goal is to provide a significant portion of the funding and to be very active contributors to the strategy and management of the business where that level of involvement is imperative due to the fundamental need for creative risk management solutions. 

Quinn Capital's Insurance Industry experience totals almost 150 years between the five key partners including key segments of:

State Insurance Departments

Insurance & Service Contract Regulatory Law Firm

Retail/Wholesale/Reinsurance/Surplus Lines Brokerage

P&C Underwriting

Treaty & Facultative Reinsurance Underwriting Brokerage

Captive Formation & Management

Managing General Agency

Third Party Claims Administration

Affinity Lines Management

Insurance Company Formation and Management 

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